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Youthful Visions: Alon Watson


Our future belongs to those that prepare for it today as Baba Malcolm would say. But our future also belongs to the hands of our youth and it is up to us to see to it that they are lifted up and supported as much as possible as they grow. When they have a means to excel in their endeavors, give them integrity. When they not only find a means to excel, but to answer the call of our ancestors to remember them and excel with the message, the image and with the voice of our people, give them courage to proceed. Visuals of who Black people are has always been a strong message and when our young ones have a will to illustrate our divine culture we must acknowledge them.

Alon Watson has been creating pieces of elaborate art work since she was six years old. Now in the 8thgrade, attending Randolph Middle school , she has an admiration of ancient Kemet and maintains a strong love for art. But there is more to this young sista than just basic artistic skills; she represents our cultural identity in her work as well as in her character.

Accidentally she learned to draw, by researching how to sketch detailed portraits. Alon soon discovered that she had a natural talent to draw, because it is not easy for any individual to master the technique of mimicing an image onto paper.

Through different mediums of art such as oil pastels, drawing and colored pencils, Alon has created pieces of work that exceeds the potential of the average four-teen year old.

In the face portraits that she has displayed, the women all have natural hair. In a society that the natural physical aspects of Black people are frowned upon, Alon is quite fond of our natural roots. She states “ I love it. I have been criticized before about my hair but it doesn’t stop me from going natural; it’s who I am”.

She finds inspiration from Black figures such as Ruby Bridges and is also inspired and supported by her mother Sharlata Marlin. Alon is also a participant/ debutant of a youth empowerment organization called The Black Girls’ Corner, located at the Art House in Charlotte NC where she is mentored by artistic coach Marina “The Poet”. Alon also has pieces of work hanging on the walls of the Art House along side several older and well respected artists in the area.

When asked what her message to the people is, she responded with “ Always believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you what you can or can not do. You will succeed at what ever you put your mind to”. Alon Watson has ambitions of seeing her work hung on the walls of profound figures and to continue to share her work with the people.

Art tells a story, and who better to tell the story of our people than the ones who will write the next pages of our book.

This has been a liberated Black Power Media interview. Uhuru

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8 Responses to “Youthful Visions: Alon Watson”

  1. aww look at my baby!! i am so very proud of her

  2. We are so very proud of one of our own, The Black Girls’ Corner Debutante, Alon Watson. She is truly a talented young lady, and we wish her the best and much success with her artistic career. Keep sharing your work with us, Alon, and letting your light shine on us. We love you, Alon!

    - Miss Vickie and The Black Girls’ Corner family

  3. Cassandra says:

    It is great to see our youth really embracing themselves!

  4. Marina says:

    I am so proud of you, Alon! What an honor to be a part of your life. I have learned so much from this young lady. She will make her mark in history.

  5. I salute you Alon, you are the embodiment of the greatness that is evident in this new genration of extraordinary youth. You’re not just a beauty, you’re talented, and most of all, the sweetest in character than anyone could ever know! Much success!

  6. Alicia D Watson says:

    Great Job Alon !! I love you very much !!

  7. carolyn everett says:

    Alon, G-mom is very proud to have a granddaughter like you so talent. Continue on the good work. To God be the glory for that He has done.
    Keep God in your life and I know you will continue to prosper in all that you do. I love you very much.


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